By Laws

Article 1 – Name
The name of the organization will be Blue Mountain Jeep_ Alliance, also known as
BMJA (herein referred to as the “club”).
Mailing address: PO Box 297, Hamburg, PA 19526-0297

Article 2 – Purpose
The club is organized as a non-profit 501[C][7] Corporation for the purpose of:
A. Promoting interest in and providing education in organized off-roading, as well
as the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles.
B. Provide social, educational and recreational Jeep activities for its membership.
C. Promoting and participating in civic activities for the betterment of the club
and community.

Article 3 – Membership
Members should own a four or all-wheel drive vehicle based upon a jeep. The vehicle should maintain the basic look and styling of a jeep. The vehicle shall maintain a jeep grill.
A. Members shall be at least eighteen years of age.
B. Members shall have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance and inspected to participate in driving events. If the event is held at a facility (i.e. Rausch Creek) that has its own policies regarding insurance and inspection this can be waived.
C. Membership dues must be paid in full when membership application is accepted.
D. Any member disgracing himself / herself in the public eye while representing
the club, demonstrates behaviors that interferes with club business can be subject
to expulsion from the club, subject to a decision of two-thirds 2/3 vote by the
board. This includes any activities that are done with a vehicle with a BMJA logo
or if you are wearing BMJA apparel.
E. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.
F. Lifetime membership may be granted by a two-thirds 2/3 vote by the board,
with no more then one lifetime membership granted annually. No more than one unless voted upon the board to increase this to maximum number of two
G. Members are required to notify the Secretary of any email, address or
telephone number change within (60) days of the change.

Article 4 – Club Meetings
A. Membership meetings should be held
every month. The meeting date and location should be available on the website, or communicated through social media and/or e-mail two (2) weeks prior to each meeting.
B. An annual meeting will be held the first week of December each year.
The meeting date and location will be available on the website two (2) weeks prior
to the meeting.
C. All club members are welcome to attend the Board meetings at any time and
are encouraged to do so. Members must submit club business issues / items for
consideration in writing (or email) to the President. If approved by the President,
the items will be added to the agenda and be addressed at the next Board meeting.
D. The President can call an “executive session” meeting that only Officers /
Trustees can attend.
Article 5 – Officers and Trustees
A. The Board of Directors shall consist of Officers and Trustees of the club.
B. Officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary
And Treasurer.
C. The most recent past President will be an ad-hoc member of the Board, with no
voting privileges unless voted in as a Trustee.
D. There should be thirteen Trustees of the club.
E. Officers / Trustees should attend a minimum of nine (9) Board meetings
and be active in club activities throughout his / her term. If the nine (9) meetings are
not made, or there is a lack of interest in the betterment of the club, an Officer or
Trustee may be asked to resign. If the Officer or Trustee refused to resign, the
Board will make the decision, with two-thirds 2/3 vote forcing the resignation.
F. For any Officer or Trustee position that is vacated before completion of the
1. An Officer position will be filled after a two-thirds 2/3 vote by the
2. A Trustee position will be filled with the member who received the next
highest votes at the annual election, known as the alternate.
G. Terms will run from January 1 to December 31.
H. Board meetings should be held every month. The meeting date and location will be
available on the website two (2) weeks prior to each meeting.

Article 6 – Duties of Office
A. President – The President will be the executive officer and preside over all
Board and membership meetings. The
President will carry out all the policies and decisions made by the Board. The
President will only vote in the event of a tie. The President may appoint
committees as necessary and nominate Trustees / Officers as chairpersons.
B. Vice-President – The Vice-President will assist the President and act on his /
her behalf in his / her absence. He / she will be the overseer of all the Committees.
C. Secretary – The Secretary will record all minutes of meetings and take
attendance of all Officers / Trustees at Board meetings. The Secretary must
maintain club records such as liability waiver forms, membership forms and
organization of the by-laws. He / she will also be responsible for, and/or delegate someone for the creation and distribution of the club newsletter, forms and sign-up sheets. He / she must also
keep an up-to-date membership roster.
D. Treasurer – The Treasurer will receive all monies and be responsible for bank
deposits and disbursement of funds as needed. He / she must also maintain a
balanced checkbook, report monthly budget of income and expenses and provide
records for inspection by auditors and Officers. The Treasurer must submit a
yearly budget for approval by the Board.
E. Trustees – The Trustees will be committee chairpersons and are responsible for
ensuring that all duties at club meetings, activities and event are covered.

Article 7 – Nominations / Elections
A. Candidates for Board positions must be club members in good standing.
Nominations for every Board position may be made from the member population
at the November membership meeting, or by email to the President within the
announced nomination period.
B. All Officers / Trustees shall be elected by the membership by electronic ballot
or by written ballot at the December meeting.
C. Balloting for each office shall be in separate successive sequence and will be
held by secret ballot. All ballots for offices must be counted and checked by three
3. club members who are not nominees or current Officers / Trustees.

Article 8 – Compensation
A. Officers and Trustees are non-compensated volunteers of the club and do not
receive personal compensation for promoting any events, activities or conducting
any business for the club.
B. The board should have their yearly membership paid for by club.

Article 9 – Expenditures
A. Any non-budgeted expenditure over $100.00 must be voted on by the Board
and approved by a two-thirds 2/3 vote.
B. All expenditures necessary or reasonable may be made by the President or a
high-ranking Officer in an emergency. Proper documentation and receipts must
be handed in to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
C. Two (2) Officers must sign all checks. The two (2) Officers cannot be
members of the same household.

Article 10 – Amendments to the By-Laws
A. These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds 2/3 vote of members present
at the regularly scheduled membership meeting provided the amendment has
been presented at a previous membership meeting. The proposed changes shall
be made available for club viewing 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

Article 11 – Events
A. All events will be subject to approval by the Board and will be under the
direction of the Board.
B. All members, including the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer
are under direction of the event leader and appointed assistants from the set time
of the beginning of the event to the termination of the event.
C. All members and guest will abide by these regulations for all events.
D. All events must be conducted in an orderly manner.
E. Vehicles may be subject to technical inspection according to the type of event.
Any vehicle will be disqualified if found to be mechanically unsafe. The vehicle
maybe repaired and re-inspected if allowed by the event leader.
F. The use of alcohol is prohibited at all vehicle-based club
G. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited at all club events.
End of By-Laws
Dated the 6th day of December, 2007