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BMJA Club Events
  • June 21 - Monthly Trailride - Rausch Creek Offroad Park -... more
2014 BMJA Open  House

Welcome to Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance

We're an organization established to bring people together who share a common interest: the legendary Jeep vehicle.

We celebrate the camaraderie brought on by owning one of these capable vehicles by sharing adventures and knowledge with each other. Each person's Jeep eventually mirrors the personality of its owner, as if it were an extension of oneself. We band together to drive these machines, pitting ourselves against them and nature alike.

Every obstacle overcome becomes a small triumph providing a rewarding rush of adrenaline made possible by teamwork, critical thinking, and vehicle mastery — bringing people together amidst the mountains, the lakes, and the forests





The nice thing about off roading in your Jeep, is that the weather, for the most part, is not an issue; rain, snow, heat or cold won’t stop the true Jeeper and we proved it on New Year’s day. Although it was a beautiful day at Rausch Creek, we had ice that we had to break our way through, variable snow depths to conquer, and icy slippery conditions on the trails. What a day! Fourteen or 15 Jeeps attended the “Jeepin” on Near Year’s day. Forget the “ringing in the New Year, let’s plan to “Jeepin” from now on. For any of you who suffered through the day with a hangover, you missed a great time!


January 17th was our monthly trail ride, although it was not published (a mistake in communications) and it, too, was a success. A number of us wheeled on many slippery, snowy green and blue trails. We even had a full size truck go out with us. I do think, at times, he had Jeep envy.


The next wheeling event is our yearly freezeout at Rausch Creek, camp if you want Saturday night and wheel on Sunday. It should be another great event. Free Breakfast and door prizes (for those who camp out), and frost on your windows, what else can you ask for?


One event that we will not be having this year is the BMJA Jeep Fun Fest. Although, we spoke about it over the past several months, it was decided that we hold off for now. We will continue to plan and build on ideas for it to hopefully happen in 2016. I expect that we will be placing more emphasis on our open house and growing it to the point that may it can become the event that we have been talking about…. The BMJA Jeep Fun Fest. I want to personally thank Danny Daniels for putting so much time and passion into planning this vision.


Bring friends, past members, members of other clubs to our events. It is all about fun.


Wheel on and be safe!

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